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TERRA-BEKA SPA Portes du Soleil

At the Terra-Beka Spa in La Chapelle-d'Abondance, mountain water, sunny days on the Portes du Soleil and the pure air of the Alps punctuate your days. 

Enter a bubble of serenity and relax far from the tumult of the world and the hustle and bustle of the city. Refocus on the essentials, letting yourself be pampered by the expert hands of our masseuses and beauticians and taking advantage of our wellness equipment: saunas, jacuzzi, solarium, rest room, sensory shower and Nordic spiral. 

The Terra-Beka Spa is open every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., free of charge for our guests.

Prices for externals:

Adult €28 / Child under 10 €20 (bathrobe, slippers and bath towel will be provided)

Contact reception to learn more about our wellness area!

The rest room

Because it is essential to relax and escape during your vacation, give yourself a break before leaving for a massage or aesthetic treatment or after enjoying our spa with jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, ... A relaxation lounge with daylight, relaxation chairs, herbal tea room and view of the garden welcomes you in peace.

Agreeably end your well-being session at the Portes du Soleil with a detour into the rest room of the Terra-Beka Spa .

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The solarium with jacuzzi

Lying on a deck chair in the solarium, with the Cornettes de Bise and the Mont de Grange as your horizon, you breathe deeply the pure air of the Alps. Then, immerse yourself in a very hot bath, and let your body be massaged by the hydrojets of our jacuzzi for 15 people.

Hot water dilates the vessels and improves your blood flow. better blood circulation will have positive effects on your heart, your back pain, your aches, your migraines , etc. Hydromassage jets have a relaxing effect on body and mind and are ideal for people prone to stress and anxiety.

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The hammam

In our hotel spa, we offer our travelers a hammam. The moist heat of this equipment makes you lose water, opens the pores of your skin, acts deeply on your muscles and activates your blood circulation. You will be able to relieve your stress, firm and cleanse your skin, eliminate your fats and toxins and relieve your joints.

In the hammam, you inhale hot water vapor with eucalyptus or sage. This opens the sinuses and makes breathing easier.

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At Terra-Beka Spa, we offer you a traditional sauna (100°C) and a gentler alternative, the bio sauna (50°C), with salt wall. The dry heat of our saunas will give you an immediate feeling of well-being and the sea air of our organic sauna will free your respiratory tract and improve your digestive problems.

The sauna relieves muscle pain, stimulates blood circulation, facilitates deep cleansing of the skin and boosts your immune defenses. Halotherapy would have the same effect as a weekend by the sea.

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Hormeta massages and treatments

By creating the wellness area, the Terra-Beka Lodge is joining forces with at Hormeta Laboratories, located on the heights of Lake Geneva, for products manufactured and packaged 100% in Switzerland. Their specialty, and the common heart of all their products, are trace elements, which help to slow down skin aging thanks to their antioxidant properties.

Let yourself be pampered by the expert hands of our masseuses and beauticians. They offer you wellness appointments in one of the two treatment rooms and complete the benefits of our saunas, hammam and jacuzzi.

List of treatments

The Nordic Spiral

It is the transition between cold and heat which provides a toning and firming effect during a course that we call “Nordic Spiral”. Alternate the dry and humid heat of our saunas and hammam, with the cold of our ice fountain, the Finnish bucket and the different jets and mist of our sensory showers with chromotherapy. This alternation between heat and cold comes to us from the Nordic countries. The objective being to better face winter, to relieve our aches and pains but also to relax.

You will feel invigorated after a trip to the Nordic Spiral of the Terra-Beka Spa in La Chapelle d’Abondance!

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